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In the fall of 2006 a war broke out in Santa Barbara California when a local McDonalds owner began a fierce campaign to Have Colin Gray’s sculpture "W" removed from State Street.

A documentary about an artist, a curator, and a community rallying against the power and influence of big business, the press and the intolerant elements of Santa Barbara.

Official Selection of the 2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Chosen for the City of Cambridge, Ontario Film Series on Public Art
Chosen for an art education screening by the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission

Timely and educational. Explores the dynamics between business, politics and public art. Topics include: logos in art, the history of the architectural strictures of Santa Barbara
, polital expression in art, censorship(referencing the Degenerate Art Exhibit in Nazi Germany), the artistic process, the influence of the press on public opinion and in particular the currently controversial Santa Barbara News Press.

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“One of Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s Six Treats. A compelling look at public art and its consequences when a socially controversial piece of art is put on display on State Street and the hue and cry and ruffled features all descend in the press, at city hall, and in the street. Seems like art that stimulates, provokes thought, feeling, is not always thought to be good art. Hmmm? This is a fine documentary."
- Alex Henteloff, Casa Magazine, February 2nd, 2007

"The filmmakers have done a great job, in conception, editing, organizing ideas and covering so much material… a really interesting, informative and alternative film… Worthy and beautifully done."
- Josef Woodard, film and art critic, Los Angeles Times, Artweek, January, 2007

“Santa Barbara reveals itself when a local McDonalds owner begins a fierce campaign to have Colin Gray’s sculpture “W” removed from State Street. This event becomes a fulcrum for an unconventional documentary exploring divergent points of view on political art in Santa Barbara and its sometimes life-threatening consequences… As art always gets embattled in its own era, the controversy created by the sculpture resonates throughout the Santa Barbara community with local artists fighting against the wealthy and the powerful for their creative freedom.”
- Geoffrey Smart, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, January 2007

“STATE STREET CONTROVERSY, TAKE TWO/Couple’s documentary revisits community debate over sculpture Michael and Tina Love’s “Much Ado About ‘W’” revisits the furor surrounding Colin Gray’s arrow studded “W” sculpture and attempts to place what the directors call “a tempest in a teapot” in a larger red-tiled-roof context. What is it, they want to know, with Santa Barbara and public art? …The Loves, whose short “Autumn Leaves” screened at the festival last year, sought out myriad Santa Barbara voices for the documentary… And audiences have responded positively. “One self described conservative lady told us she would be more open to artist’s expression” Love said, “and that’s what we hope everyone does. Just suspend your opinion for a moment.’”
- Ted Mills, Santa Barbara News Press, February 2nd, 2007 (front page story)

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