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Michael Love
 Tina Love

Synopsis: Santa Barbara reveals itself when a local McDonald’s owner begins a fierce campaign to have Colin Gray's sculpture 'W' removed from State Street. This event becomes a fulcrum for an unconventional documentary exploring divergent points of view on political art in Santa Barbara and its sometimes life-threatening consequences.

•Directed by Michael Love, Tina Love
Produced by Michael Love
Edited by Tina Love
Written by Michael Love, Tina Love 
Mpeg-ography by Michael Love, Tina Love
Original score by Raphael Atlas, also featuring music by longtime Santa Barbara band Headless Household.”

How: Can you really make a feature documentary with a $200 consumer digital camera, edit at home and have it be strong enough to get into in a major film festival?  The happy answer given by this film is a resounding YES!  This film rides in on a wave of digital guerilla filmmaking, where no budget is often a reality and a good story need not go untold.  

When:  Our story takes place between September 1 and November 17, 2006 when two artists from the local area ignite controversy with their work within weeks of each other’s openings.

What:  The passionate debate over public and political art that inflamed Santa Barbara when:

Colin Gray’s semi-comic sculpture “W” -- featuring the golden arches (McDonald’s logo) upside down on two gigantic red saw blade wheels, shot full of green arrows – landed on State Street.

John Nava’s anti-war work  were  exhibited in a Santa Barbara gallery:  “Neo Icons, features paintings and tapestries of teenagers in T-shirts bearing slogans like: “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”  “America Tortures”  and “ Stop the Dim Reaper” ….

Why: To give these artists a voice wherein they can respond to the accusations made about them.  To reveal how the creative world of art collides with that of local power, press and politics in the privileged and picturesque town of Santa Barbara.

Cast: Features outstanding commentators from the top of the Santa Barbara art world and more:
Artists: Colin Gray, John Nava, and Jeff Sanders (cameo)
County Arts Commission, Curator: Rita Ferri
Art dealers and gallery owners: Frank Goss and Ralph Waterhouse (cameo)
Art critic, journalist, musician: Josef Woodard
City College Art Professor and Department Chair: Ed Inks
Atkinson Gallery Director: Dane Goodman
Legal analyst and blogger: Craig Smith
Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director: Steve Cushman
Santa Barbara Passersby: people interviewed at the sculpture “W”

Interesting Angle:  The documentary reveals how the local press has covered the controversy over “W  No other piece of art in Santa Barbara history has received the attention in the press that “W” has.  Covered extensively by both local print and TV media, it seemed the public never got enough of it, pouring pages of letters to the editor of Wendy McCaw’s News Press.   Even Doctor Laura weighed in on the piece with her column titled “You Call That Art?  I Call It Trash.” The role of the News Press in the controversy is explored by the art professionals featured in the film. 

Critic’s Voice: Respected national and local art critic and journalist Josef Woodard frames our story with his commentary, and carries it one step further to architecture and the restrictive codes in Santa Barbara. 

Coincidence: Colin Gray’s drawings and Jeff Sanders sculptures will be displayed at Sullivan Goss Gallery as part of the upcoming exhibit: “Dreamland: American Explorations Into Surrealism” during the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Showings: For ticket information:
Friday, January 26, 1pm - Center Stage Theater
Friday, February 2, 4pm – Marjorie Luke Theatre


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