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Tina Love Tina Love: Director, Writer, Editor

Much Ado is Tina’s first feature and collaboration with her husband. What she loved most about this project was shooting guerilla style with hand held digital cameras because people are so much more comfortable with it than when you show up with big cameras and lighting equipment.  She feels with these cameras one captures moments one would not get with the fanfare of a more high tech production.   Tina has a B.A. in theater with emphasis in directing. After many years of dance training (modern, ballet, flamenco) she studied acting in New York and L.A, learning Meisner and  Stanislavski’s Method.  Later she attended Brooks Institute of Photography, majoring in Motion Picture/Video.  She has written, directed, shot and edited many narrative short films and documentaries on various formats.  A short film she wrote, directed, shot and edited, Autumn Leaves, was in the shorts program of the 2006, 21st Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  For the last 2 years Tina has written short scripts for a local acting school/production company in Santa Barbara; the latest comedy Anonymous, Anonymous is currently in post-production.  She and her husband are currently writing a feature black comedy, Nothing Personal, which they plan to co-direct.   For fun Tina likes to dance Flamenco.

Michael James Love: Director, Writer, Producer

The is the first feature producing and directing gig for screenwriter Michael Love whose produced films include “Gaby, A True Story,” starring Liv Ulman, Robert Loggia, and Argentine actress Norma Aleandro who was nominated for an Academy Award.   The film based on the life of the Mexican poet Gaby Brimmer triumphing over her severe Cerebral Palsy also received the Special Jury Prize at Montréal Film Festival, and two Golden Globe Nominations.  Michael also wrote the internationally distributed ABC movie of the week “Not In My Family” about a new mother afflicted with post-partum depression.   Having grown up in Mexico, Michael is fluent in Spanish, and also wrote the screenplay for the feature film “Un Fin de Semana” depicting the rampant deforestation in Mexico.   Michael has written many other screenplays for Hollywood, including recently “Maverick’s” for Playtone, Icon, and Universal Studios, based on the true story of Mark Foo, Ken Bradshaw, and Jeff Clark, three men competing to surf the biggest waves in the world, one of them, Mark Foo, dying trying to.    

From 1993-99, Michael was an instructor and Faculty Board Member at the American Film Institute, Professional Training Division, where he taught the Rewrite Workshop “The Final Draft.”  Michael was also a lecturer at UCSB in 2004 and 2005, teaching screenwriting 188a.   Michael has given many lectures on screenwriting including at UCSB, Smith College and Mexico’s UNAM.   Michael is also a closet musician and prizewinning songwriter. 

Original Music for Much Ado created by:

Raphael Atlas – Raphael Atlas got his PHD from Yale with a thesis about musical humor in Mozart.   He is now is Professor of Music at Smith College.   His inspired and sophisticated score for Much Ado About “W” includes musical allusions to various McDonald’s jingles.   The entire scoring and musical collaboration happened over the internet.  
Headless Household – A longtime local band that pushes the envelope of genre into new territory.

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